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Chemical Waste Collection Licensed Chemical Waste Collector Unwanted Medicines Disposal

Chemical Waste disposal is strictly regulated. Incompliance may lead to legal consequences. 


KTMS assists waste producers to fulfil legal requirements throughout the procedures below:

  1. Waste producer registration; 

  2. Packing list preparation for disposal; 

  3. Waste container preparation;

  4. Waste labelling and proper storage;

  5. Collection arrangement; and

  6. Documentation and record retention. 

We specialize in handling Unwanted Medicines, Metal and their Compounds, Lubricating Oil, and General Chemical Waste.


Chemical Waste Producers are:

  • Hospitals,

  • Community Healthcare Services Providers,

  • Various Clinics,

  • Laboratories,

  • Nursing Homes,

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, Distributors, Pharmacies, and

  • Related Institutions.

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Clinical Waste Collection Licensed Clinical Waste Collector

We specialize in handling Clinical Waste, including the categories below: 

  • Used or contaminated sharps;

  • Laboratory waste;

  • Human and animal tissues;

  • Infectious materials;

  • Dressings; and

  • Other wastes.

KTMS assists waste producers to fulfil legal requirements through procedures below:

  1. Waste Producer Registration; 

  2. Waste Container Preparation;

  3. Sealing of Container;

  4. Waste Labelling and Proper Storage;

  5. Collection Arrangement; and

  6. Documentation and Record Retention. 

KTMS offers customized service schemes to fit your operational needs. We advise customers on proper management of clinical waste upon Code of Practice, including but not limited to storage requirement. 

It is important to exercise special caution in the handling and management of clinical waste so as to minimize any danger to public health or risk of pollution to the environment. We work to ensure all collection procedures of our clients are compliant to regulatory rules. 

Clinical Waste Producers are:

  • Hospitals,

  • Acupuncturists,

  • Community Healthcare Services Providers,

  • Dental Clinics,

  • Laboratories,

  • Medical Clinics,

  • Nursing Homes,

  • Outreach Vaccination Services Providers, 

  • Veterinary Clinics, etc.

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